[Xastir] Re: using the modprobe ax25 and Xastir

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Fri Dec 21 13:28:18 EST 2007

On Fri, 21 Dec 2007, Neville A. Cross wrote:

> I have installed the ax25-tools and done the kissatach and it is
> working. If I put something like "call ax0 yn1bbs" I got connected
> without a problem. But when I start Xastir it said that the stty0 is
> lock. I will go back to the program later to copy exactly the message.
> To run Xastir I have to start it before running the modprobe ax25 and
> kisattach commands.
> How do I set an interfase in Xastir that used the kissattach port that
> has been created?

AX.25 kernel ports require root access, so you need to do the "chmod
4755 /usr/local/bin/xastir" command as root in order to give Xastir
SUID Root privileges.  Xastir only uses the root privileges when it
needs to, reducing it's privileges to a normal user when it doesn't.
That's of course if you do the chmod command and then run Xastir as
a normal user, which is the correct way.

Also:  You don't tell Xastir to use the ttyS? port, as that port is
already tied up by the kissattach command.  What you do is create an
"AX.25 TNC" interface in Xastir and have it use the name you gave
the AX.25 networking port.  "ax0" appears to be what you used above.
I last used "aprs" as the name in "axports" for mine.

Below I've attached the text from the help->help_English.dat file.
This is the online help in Xastir if you've chosen the English

Also check out the INSTALL and README* files.

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HELP-INDEX>Configure AX.25 TNC Devices

                        Configure AX.25 TNC Devices

This section covers adding or modifying AX.25 TNC devices. AX.25 devices can
be any device that uses the Linux AX.25 drivers. This is a kernel level
driver, and device such as a Baycom or a sound modem can be used as a TNC.
These devices must be set up and running before Xastir can use them.

Selecting "Activate on start up" will tell Xastir to look for this device and
set up communications with it when the program first starts.

Selecting "Allow Transmitting" will tell Xastir that any outgoing RF data can
be sent to this device for broadcast.

Selecting "RELAY Digipeat?" will tell Xastir to digipeat traffic. It will do
this if the first unused digipeater call in the path matches your callsign or a
callsign listed in your Xastir config file ("RELAY_DIGIPEAT_CALLS" line,
default is "WIDE1-1"). This option is only recommended for base stations in
regions where there are few other fill-in digipeater stations in the area.
Consult with a local group about the best setting for your region.  This is
only needed if you are not using any other software that performs this
function, such as aprsdigi or DIGI_NED. You may hand-edit the Xastir config
file when Xastir is not running in order to change this string to match your
local recommendations. In the U.S., "WIDE1-1" is the recommended setting.

Enter the AX.25 Device name you specified in the axports file for this device.

Comment will allow you to set a friendly name or comment for the port.

Choose the correct IGate operation for this device. You may have several TNC
devices and this option can be different for each device. If you are not
running an IGate leave it at the default option of "Disable".

Enter in up to three UNPROTO paths. Xastir will assume the XX VIA part of the
UNPROTO path. There are three paths allowed so that your signal will be heard
if conditions are bad. Xastir will cycle through each one that is filled in,
one per transmission time.  If you are local to a digi, just a WIDE2-2 may be a
good choice. If you are using low power and/or are distant from a digi then
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 may work better. Or if you know the call of your closest digi
you may use XXXCALL,WIDE2-2. Most of you will only need one path. If you are in
a remote area and your signal is difficult to get out you may need more. Check
with a local group and ask what path may be best for your area.  If no paths
are entered it will default to WIDE2-2.

If you are IGating to RF, you may enter a specific path to use for the packets
you send to RF. If you leave this blank, the UNPROTO paths above will be used.
If the UNPROTO paths are blank, WIDE2-2 will be used.

NOTE: To use AX.25 devices with Xastir you will need to run the program as
"root". If you want to run Xastir as another user you may want to set the
suid bit on the Xastir program file. Please see INSTALL file for more
information; current Xastir drops the extra privileges but has not been audited
for exploits. Use in this fashion in a multi-user environment at your own risk!

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